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Updated 08.01.2022

Las Vegas Korean Girls is your little black book for finding Vegas Korean escorts and independent girls in Las Vegas. This website contains mature subject matter, and is intended for adults ages 18 and up. All Las Vegas Korean escorts and girls’ listings are arranged alphabetically to ensure fair and equal representation for all.

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The inception of this Las Vegas Korean girl escorts directory was out of rage. The fury that comes from being manipulated and deceived. There was an Asian escort website with Korean girls listed. Over time, we realized that this other site is overly biased and likely managed by the top listing. This other site intentionally refused to list other escorts with all kinds of excuses and advocates one listing over and over. Their hidden agenda to dupe you has been exposed and comes to an end. Any agency that resorts to this type of deception is clearly undeserving of a top listing. Don't let some biased moron you don't know tell you who you should see and who you should not see. Trust yourself and make your own decisions. We refuse to go along with the disrespecting of all the hardworking girls who deserve fair and equal representation. There are great independent Asian providers, escorts, girls and massage services all over the entire Las Vegas Area. Some of these amazing Korean girls may be listed on their own or they may be with an agency, it doesn't matter. If you want to know which girl is the best, then do your own research and judge for yourself. Choose the best girl that is right for you. It's that simple. If you are like minded about having a fair unbiased listing then feel free to submit any additional girls, escorts, providers or agency that qualifies for the directory to us. To ensure fairness and equality in representation in both practice and principle, all girls and independent escorts are listed in black and white, and in alphabetical order... just like a little black book.

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If you do not see an independent provider listed, please contact us. Unfortunately, we had to start very short temporary ban list. We want to include all independent providers but the actions of certain providers warrant a restriction at this time. The list is temporary. We have not figured out how to best handle this type of situation. We are letting everyone know about the existence of a short list to be as transparent as possible. It seems like there are always some bad apples.​

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